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  Introduction to Huli District 



  国务院批准在湖里2.5平方公里范围设立厦门经济特区;The State Council approved the establishment of Xiamen Special Economic Zone within an area of 2.5 square kilometers in Huli District.


  邓小平同志视察厦门经济特区,在湖里亲笔写下题词“把经济特区办得更快些更好些”,随后厦门经济特区范围扩大到全岛;Deng Xiaoping visited Xiamen Special Economic Zone and personally wrote an inscription of “Develop Special Economic Zone Faster and Better” in Huli. After that, the geographical scope of Xiamen Special Economic Zone was broadened to the whole Xiamen Island.


  成立湖里区Huli District was established


  国务院批准在湖里辖区设立厦门火炬高新技术产业区;The State Council approved the establishment of Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Huli District.


  国务院批准将厦门经济特区范围扩大到全市;The State Council approved to expand the geographical scope of Xiamen Special Economic Zone to the whole municipality.


  国家“十二五”规划、海西规划将建设厦门两岸区域性金融服务中心提升为国家战略,全面启动两岸金融中心建设;并于2011年12月国务院批准实施《厦门市综合配套改革试验总体方案》;it was proposed to develop Xiamen into a cross-strait regional financial service center in the Twelfth Five-year Plan and the Development Plan of the West Taiwan Straits Economic Zone. In December 2011, the State Council approved the Master Plan of Xiamen for General Supporting Reforms and Experiments.


  提出全面深化改革、建设“美丽厦门”的两个百年愿景,即:建党100周年时建成美丽中国典范城市;建国100周年时建成展现中国梦的样板城市;two centennial goals of comprehensively deepening reform and building a “beautiful Xiamen” were proposed, i.e. making Xiamen an exemplarily beautiful city in China by the 100th anniversary of foundation of CPC and a sample city of China Dream by the Nation’s 100th birthday.


  厦门自贸区正式挂牌,总面积43.78平方公里,其中两岸贸易中心核心区19.37平方公里全部都位于湖里区;Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially listed, with a total area of 43.78 square kilometers, of which the core areas of the cross-straits trade center were of 19.37 square kilometers, all in Huli District.


  国务院批准设立福厦泉自主创新示范区,其中厦为湖里火炬高新区。The State Council approved the establishment of Fu-Xia-Quan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, of which Xia refers to Torch Hi-Tech Area in Huli District.



  Economic development the first half of 2017


  GDP415亿元,增长10.4%GDPRMB 41.5 billion, increasing by 10.4% 

  产业结构:0:43.1:56.9Industrial structure: 0:43.1:56.9 

  工业总产值770亿元,增长10.5%Total industrial output value RMB 77 billion, increasing by 10.5% 

  财政总收入:105.6亿元 ,增长10.5%General financial revenue: 10.56 billion, increasing by 10.5% 

  批发零售业销售总额:1579亿元,增长26.2%Total sales of wholesale and retail trade157.9 billionincreasing by 26.2% 

  固定资产投资额:193亿元,增长15.6%Fixed investments:19.3 billion,increasing by 15.6% 

  合同利用外资:4.75亿美元Contractural foreign investment: USD 0.475 billion 

  实际利用外资:1.95亿美元,引进内资:556亿元Foreign investment in actual use: USD 0.195 billion, introduced domestic investment: RMB 55.6 billion 

  新设立企业:10000多家New enterprises: more than 10,000






  National Economic and Intensive Land Model Area


  National Community Education Demonstration District


  National Social Work Service Standardization Demonstration Area


  National Chronic Disease Comprehensive Prevention and Control Demonstration Area


  National Advanced Cultural Unit


  The 25th place among the top 100 small-medium cities with scientific development



  Regional Features



  Birthplace of the Special Zone

  1980年10月,湖里一声炮响,开始建设厦门经济特区。In October 1980, the State Council approved the establishment of Xiamen Special Economic Zone within the scope of 2.5 square kilometers in Huli.


  High Degree of Opening

  经济外向度高,世界500强企业有32家、38个项目落户在湖里区,外资企业总数2700多家,投资总额约130亿美元。There are 32 Fortune Global 500 companies and their 38 projects in Huli District, with over 2,700 foreign-funded enterprises and total investment of about USD 13 billion, indicating a high degree of outward orientation in economy.


  Great Development Potential

  湖里区尚有岛内存量土地16平方公里,土地资源稀缺,开发价值高。未来可开发的土地包括老厂房用地3平方公里,城中村用地7平方公里,机场港口用地6平方公里。In Huli District, there remain 16 square kilometers of stock land on Xiamen island, highlighting scare land resources and high development value. The developable land in the future includes 3 square kilometers of land for old factories, 7 square kilometers of land for villages in the city and 6 square kilometers of land for the airport and ports.


  Dynamic Economy

  湖里区以占全市4.2%的土地面积,创造出约占全市1/4的生产总值、1/3的工业产值,地均GDP10.55亿元/平方公里。With an area accounting for 4.2% of the city, Huli District creates about one fourth of the city’s total output value, one third of the value of industrial output, with the GDP of RMB 1.055 billion per square kilometer.


  Excellent Business Environment

  拥有海陆空铁+邮轮母港。海港:东渡港口、五通码头、邮轮母港、游船港、闽台中心渔港;空港:高崎国际机场;货运站:高崎火车站;汽车站:枋湖客运中心;桥隧:陆路出岛的厦门大桥、海沧大桥、集美大桥、杏林大桥、翔安隧道、第二西通道(在建);地铁:1、2、3号线,远期规划5、7、8号线均通过湖里区。Located in the center of six districts of Xiamen, the District boasts transportation by sea, land, air and rail plus a cruise home-port,Central Fishery Harbor for the Mainland and Taiwan. Seaports: Dongdu Port, Wutong Wharf and a cruise home-port; airport: Gaoqi International Airport; land transportation: Gaoqi Railway Station and Fanghu Passenger Transport Center; bridges and tunnels: Xiamen Bridge, Jimei Bridge, Xinglin Bridge, Haicang Bridge, Xiang’an Tunnel and the 2nd West Tunnel under construction; and rapid transit: short-term subway Line 1, 2 and 3 and long-term subway Line 5, 7 and 8.


  Beautiful Natural Ecology

  湖里区拥有“八山两水、三面环海”的生态资源。八山(东西绿廊):狐尾山、仙岳山、圆山、薜岭山、虎头山、虎仔山、金山、东芳山。两水(南北水廊):五缘湾、湖边水库。30公里海岸线,景观资源丰富。Huli District is endowed with ecological resources of eight mountains and two waters with its three sides surrounded by the sea. Eight mountains (east and west green corridors): Huwei Mountain, Xianyue Mountain, Yuan Mountain, Xueling Mountain, Hutou Mountain, Huzai Mountain, Jin Mountain and Dongfang Mountain. Two waters (north and south water corridors): Wuyuan Bay and Hubian Reservoir. With 30 kilometers of coastline, the District has abundant landscape resources.


  Perfect commercial supporting

  教育:厦门双十中学、福建省厦门第六中学、厦门音乐学校、厦门五缘实验学校、协同外籍人员子女学校Education: Shuangshi Middle School, No.6 Middle School, Music School, Wuyuan School and Concordia School for Children of Expatriates医疗:复旦中山厦门医院、中医院、弘爱医院、心血管病医院、眼科医院、口腔医院、儿童医院、如心月子中心Medical treatment: Fudan Xiamen Hospital, Hospital of TCM, Humanity Hospital, Cardiovascular Hospital, Eye Hospital, Stomatological Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Ruxin Confinement Center 商业:SM商城、万达商业广场、湾悦城、闽南古镇、山姆会员店、乐购、吉家家居、红星美凯龙Business: SM, Uanda, Wanyue City, Minnan Ancient Town, Sam's Club, Tesco, Jijia Home Design and Red Star Macalline文化:元宵民俗文化节、福德文化节、城市诵读节、社区文化艺术节Culture: Folk Culture Festival in Lantern Festival, Fude Cultural Festival, City Reading Festival, and Community Culture Art Festival体育:中国俱乐部杯帆船挑战赛、激情五缘湾、五缘运动馆、福隆国家乒乓球训练基地Sport: China Club Cup Challenge Match, Passion Wuyuan Bay, Wuyuan Stadium and Fulong National Table Tennis Training Base 公园:仙岳山公园、五缘湾湿地公园、灯塔公园、薛岭山公园、忠仑公园Parks: Xianyuan Mountain Park, Wuyuan Bay, Lighthouse, Xueling Mountain Park and Zhonglun Park交通:地铁1、2、3号线、BRT、第二西通道、第二东通道、空中自行车道Traffic: Metro line1、2、3, BRT, Second West Aisle, Second East Aisle and SkyCycle

  酒店:悦华酒店、喜来登酒店、翔鹭国际大酒店、艾美酒店、朗豪酒店、凯悦酒店、牡丹港都大酒店、五缘湾水乡酒店、璞尚酒店、希尔顿逸林酒店、佰翔五通酒店Hotels: C&D Hotel Xiamen, Sheraton Xiamen Hotel, Xianglu Grand Hotel, Le Méridien Xiamen, Langham Place Hotel Xiamen, Hyatt Hotel Xiamen, Peony Gangdu Grand Hotel, Aqua Resort Hotel, The Pushang Hotel and Spa, DoubleTree by Hilton Xiamen, Xiamen Wutong Fliport Hotel

  旅游:五缘湾游艇港、正阳直升机旅游服务中心、仙岳山、厦金湾码头、厦门邮轮中心Tourism: Wuyuan Bay Yacht Harbor, Zenisun Helicopter Tourist Service Center, Xianyue Mountain, Xiamen-Kinmen Terminal, Xiamen Cruise Center